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Our History

Flamingo Productions: Where Dreams Dance to the Rhythm of Creativity and Passion

Founded by Irene Ferrero and Claudio Esposito, Flamingo Productions emerges as a pioneer in the creation and production of shows with a solid track record that stands out for its passion for art and entertainment. This company is distinguished by the originality, versatility and spectacularity that characterise each of its shows.

At Flamingo Productions, we believe in the perfect union between Art and Entertainment to give life to unique and exciting experiences with the aim of reaching the skin and caressing the soul of our viewers.

We are proud to offer a wide range of possibilities, as our trajectory includes the production of our own International shows, Spanish Dance and Flamenco, as well as elegant and surprising performances for different events and different collaborations in artistic and/or choreographic direction for third parties.

We stand out for our meticulous attention to the details that mark excellence, aspiring to be synonymous with quality and professionalism with creations and resources, both material and human, of the highest level.

At Flamingo Productions we strive to exceed expectations and offer cutting-edge, fresh and dynamic entertainment.


Relive the magic and passion of our previous performances, through this selection of images.